Burnt City is a Progressive/Power Metal project pioneered by guitarist, music producer and songwriter Aydin Zahedi. This Australian based project features the collaboration of well known, high profile metal musicians across the world. On drums is George Kollias of the technical death metal band ‘Nile’, bassist Mike Lepond from ‘Symphony X’, singer/vocalist Gus Monsanto from ‘Human Fortress’, keyboardist Bob Katsionis from bands ‘Firewind’ and ‘Serious Black’, and Aydin Zahedi former ‘Mordab’ guitarist.

Burnt City’s dynamic entourage of musicians is powerfully displayed in its debut fullscaled EP release entitled ‘Resurgence’. The project came into inception in 2015 when Zahedi sent his demos to Kollias, who liked what he heard and recorded the thunderous drumming tracks for the music. Just after Lepond’s European tour, he recorded the in-depth bass line tracks to compliment the drumming. After desperately searching for the right vocal fit, Zahedi remembered Power Metal vocalist Gus Monsanto, from his time with French progressive metal band ‘Adagio’. Monsanto instantly liked the sound and recorded the vocal tracks, and suggested that Katsionis would be a good addition to this immense project. Katsionis recorded all the
keyboard work that enhanced the overall sound of the music. All tracks were mixed and mastered by the adept and well-seasoned music producer, Alexandre Macedo.

The lyrical elements and the core themes of the songs were created by Zahedi himself, the cohesiveness and expressive components were written by a longtime friend, Amir Ghaderi. Zahedi’s personal challenges, perceptions of society and religiosity are fundamental to the lyrical pieces within ‘Resurgence’. Burnt City’s “music is thoroughly Power Metal, with a dash of Progressive, combining the two powerful elements into one musical synthesis,” said Zahedi. This collaborative project epitomizes an unparalleled musically creative experience in the metal world and delivers an electrifying soundscape that will leave audiences wanting more.