Sydney, Australia – Aydin Zahedi, metal guitarist, music producer, and passionate songwriter committed to bringing together Progressive and Power Metal artists for a collaborative musical experience unprecedented today, this week officially announced a solo project, Burnt City, and pre-order options for his full-length EP release: Resurgence.

Resurgence, a full-scale collaboration project, brings together metal’s biggest names and musical producers for a 6-track, 29-minute experience that all listeners are never going to forget.

“This music is thoroughly Power Metal, with a dash of Progressive, combining the two powerful elements into one musical synthesis,” said Zahedi. “Every member part of this collaboration is world-renowned for their work in the metal industry, and we had an amazing time combining our talents for this raw musical production.”

Resurgence features George Kollias, a high profile drummer from the band “Nile,” Mike Lepond, a bassist from the successful Progressive American metal band “Symphony X,” Bob Katsionis, a keyboardist from the bands “Serious Black” and “Firewind,” Gus Monsanto, a well-known Brazilian singer from “Revolution Renaissance,” and Aydin Zahedi, the connecting piece, producer, and EP guitarist.

Resurgence features 6-tracks: Prelude, Seven, Resurgence, Wild Hunter, Metamorphosis, and ends with the ear-exploding ending song, Armageddon.